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For the first time, knife collectors and historians have access to a knowledge bank of knife photos and descriptions, historical documents, catalogs and articles related to these legendary cornerstones of the American cutlery industry. In , having produced high quality cutlery using traditional methods for 96 years, Queen Cutlery closed its doors for good. The Daniels Family, last owners of the company have graciously donated all related historical documents from the old Queen website.

We are grateful to Jan Carter, of iknifecollector. Included among these are all we think the newsletters of Queen Cutlery Collectors, Inc. See photos of many of the QCC knives here.

Former Facilities of Daniels Family Cutlery, Queen Cutlery and Queen Steel, historical cutlery company. Items dating back to Thousands of knife parts and hundreds of complete and mostly complete knives. Preview: Friday, May 31,

Knives have been made at the factory of Queen Cutlery Company of Titusville Pennsylvania for over years. It is arguably the oldest and last American Cutlery that truly continues to produce knives in the same way as they were produced there when the factory opened in He got his first knife in at the age of one. He came back this year for his second knife brining a dollar so he didn’t break the friendship!

So excited to see this little boy grow up and complete his Kiddo Knife Collection! Other companies should take notice of the caring and generosity displayed by Queen Cutlery. I agree with both of you. Thanks for pic and I certainly wish more companies would think about the next generation of collectors. Thank you Queen Cutlery for building our knife and giving us the opportunity to make it unique. The patterns, the info on them.

This is years in the making. A way to date and know about your Queen knives. I’ve been looking, very nice. Once again, Queen is leading the way.

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Zalesky and Knife World Knife World. Dating Info with Tang Stamps and Trees thehawkco. Buck Knife Dating System www. Buck Knife Date Codes pmphotography.

Cleopatra was a famous queen of ancient Egypt. Mark Antony felt very much attracted to Cleopatra and the Egyptian queen helped fight for; sword = a long pointed knife; throne = the chair that a king or queen sits on; unite = join together.

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Queen Cutlery Company – Brief History and Knife Reviews

I wonder if someone might be able to help us on a question related to ‘marks’ on a 19th century kitchen knife. Following an inquest, that failed to identify its origin, the bundle was transferred to the Museum. The bundle contained the remains of a young child – believed to be Aboriginal – and an extraordinary range of European and Aboriginal items.

At this stage, Alan believes the burial took place in the s: if the marks ‘V [Crown] R’ refer to the reign of Queen Victoria, then the burial must have occured between and From other evidence, Alan believes that the period might be further narrowed to between and If so, can they indicate a date of manufacture?

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A rather unusual and decidedly British ceremony takes place each year in late October. The City of London pays rent to the Crown for two pieces of land, even though it no longer knows their exact locations! For the first piece of land, somewhere in Shropshire , the City pays two knives, one blunt and one sharp. For the second piece of land, 6 giant horseshoes and 61 nails are handed over. The Remembrancer wears his or her judicial wig under a black tricorn hat, the mark of a judge of the Court of Exchequer.

He or she sits at a table covered in a chequered cloth, from which the Court of Exchequer gets its name. In medieval times, the squares on the cloth were used, along with counters, to keep a tally of rents due and rents paid. The ceremony is so old that the actual locations of the two pieces of land are no longer known — but no matter, the City of London has been paying rent on them for hundreds of years and will continue to do so!

The amount of rent has not changed over the centuries. The earliest record of this dates back to , four years before Magna Carta , when the tenant at the time, one Nicholas de Morrs occupied some acres of land for which he paid rent of two knives, one blunt and one sharp. Over the centuries, the rights of tenancy passed to the City of London. And so traditionally each year the City hands over a blunt billhook a type of agricultural knife and a sharp axe to the Remembrancer.

Dating of 19th century kitchen knife

As each new year knife, one dot was removed. So, knife dots appeared in , eight in , and so on. The dots are a dating convention that the company introduced in. It would remove one dot dating year for 10 years, such that a case produced in had 10 dots, one produced in had nine dots, and so on.

Queen Cutlery Company, a longtime business in Titusville, The Daniels Family Cutlery Corp. purchased Titusville’s knife-making plant The cutlery plant building on Chestnut Street has a long history dating back to

The Queen Cutlery Company of Titusville Pennsylvania, is arguably the oldest and last American cutlery company that continues to produce knives in the same way as they were produced when the factory opened in Schatt and Charles B. Morgan opened an office in New York City sometime in Thus, the company was housed in Gowanda from until at which time they moved to the Titusville, Pennsylvania factory where they incorporated.

In addition, it is important to note that Queen City Cutlery was an innovator and a pioneer in the use of functional stainless steel in pocket cutlery in America stainless is defined as having at least Queens Cutlery was the primary innovator of this change from carbon steel to a stainless. In fact, Queen Cutlery was the first American cutlery company to successfully introduce a large variety of stainless steel knives to the market. The company has also used various horn, bone, stag, and exotic woods as well as numerous synthetic materials to haft their knives.

Queen used that style of jigged bone almost exclusively, and even today, Queen Cutlery is well known for their use of Winterbottom bone and they continue to produce some of their knives with both bone and synthetic handles in that distinctive jigging style. One of the best ways to see the range and scope of knives produced, is to view the current selection of Queen Cutlery knives on Amazon.

These two will be put through their paces against the usual criteria that we rate and review all our knives against. Before continuing on with this head to head review, […] Read more.

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Thank you Queen Cutlery for building our knife and giving us the opportunity to make it unique. Aug 26 A way to date and know about your Queen knives.

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A typical set of antique British silver hallmarks showing left to right ; 1. Standard Mark, 2. City Mark, 3. Date Letter, 4. Duty Mark and 5.

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Cleopatra was a famous queen of ancient Egypt. She was beautiful, intelligent and self-confident. She was not Egyptian but belonged to a Greek dynasty , that started with Ptolemy I. Cleopatra became a well-known because of her love affairs with two Roman rulers , Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. Cleopatra was born in 69 B. When her father Ptolemy XII died she became ruler together with her elder brother. When Julius Caesar came to the country he helped her regain the throne.

She ruled again, this time with her younger brother. Caesar and Cleopatra fell in love and they had a son together, Caesarion. Cleopatra went with Caesar to Rome and lived in his villa for some time. When Caesar was murdered in 44 B. Cleopatra returned to Egypt.


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