Definitions of bases — and I’m not talking baseball

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Customs and Border Protection (CBP) as of the date of publication, which is shown on the front Section XV, Note 3. defines “base metals” under the HTS.

And also, this is too adult for you, leave. But you need to know some rules of this sport so you can understand the metaphor. In the shortest terms, baseball is a game in which a person with the bat, called the batter, needs to hit the ball thrown at him by the opponent and then claim the bases spread around the pitch in succession.

The three bases and the place where the batter is standing while hitting the ball home plate make for a rhomboid see the picture , and the claiming is done by touching the bases which are represented by white squares. So from the home plate, the batter needs to claim the first base first by touching it, then the second, then the third before the opponents do the same by getting the ball there. If the batter returns all the way to the home plate that is called a home-run, which is also a sexual metaphor we will get to later.

Baseball metaphors for sex

When it comes to relationships, there is a lot of lingoes that gets used. A lot of it is relatively recent – terms like cuffing and ghosting have only come about in the past few years. Some have been around a little longer, such as using the phrase “bases” to describe how far you have physically gone with someone.

Unlike baseball, striking out is not negative in the dating and sexual The bases, while they have been generally defined here, can also be.

A price base is the cost or the list price of an item. You can adjust a price base up or down by a price modifier to calculate the final price that you charge for the item. The following procedure shows you how to define a price base. Select whether to determine the price base of items by the original price base, the location, or the currency exchange rate. Select the currency code that the Billing application will use to create the price base for the order.

If you allow more than one pricing unit of measure, you must enter a price for each pricing unit of measure. All rights reserved. All other trademarks listed herein are the property of their respective owners. Defining Price Bases A price base is the cost or the list price of an item. Related topics What is a Price Base? What is a Price Base Modifier?

What is Location-Based Pricing? Procedure flow: Defining price bases. Select the price base header information.

Base editing: precision chemistry on the genome and transcriptome of living cells

Second base is all hands with the guy making his way up the girl’s shirt. Third base is oral and a home run is well, doing the deed. Using a sports metaphor to measure sexual progress might make things easy for teens, particularly boys looking to impress peers with how “far” they got with the girl next door. And hey, it is America’s pastime. But the need to measure sexual progress is itself a troubling impulse, one that reflects the misguided way we approach sex as an intimate act.

Baseball metaphors for sex date back to the late ’40s, so why are they still so confusing?

A base year is the first of a series of years in an economic or financial index. It is typically set to an arbitrary level of New, up-to-date base years are periodically introduced to keep data current in a particular index. Any year can serve as a base year, but analysts typically choose recent years. A base year is used for comparison in the measure of a business activity or economic index. The past, in ratio analysis, is the base period.

Companies are always looking for ways to increase sales. One way that companies grow sales is by opening new stores or branches. New stores have higher growth rates because they are starting from zero, and each new store sale is an incremental sale. In the calculation of comp store sales, the base year represents the starting point for the number of stores and the amount of sales those stores generated.

What Does Second Base Mean, Anyway?

Configure compensation frequency values, grade rate validation data, and payroll elements for quoting and paying base pay. Also manage lookups, actions, and action reasons related to base pay management. Application implementors and compensation administrators use the Base Pay task list in the Compensation work area. Validating Salaries: Points to Consider.

Four bases of American dating: * F1 – French Kissing: First base is equivalent to french kissing, not just What is dating like in India, specifically in Mumbai?

EDC, What the? Why do you guess at something you obviously have no clue about, and why do you spend your time on a German-English language forum if you obviously enjoy putting down the first group of English speakers out there assembled in one place, the US of A? Do you really get some sort of kick out of those remarks? Comment Becky, that was awesome.

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What Are The “Bases” In A Relationship?

This chapter describes the overall structure of the encoding scheme defined by these Guidelines. It introduces the conceptual framework within which the following chapters are to be understood, and describes the technical means by which that conceptual framework is implemented in SGML. It assumes some familiarity with SGML; see chapter 2. Selected tag sets may be combined in many different ways, according to principles described in this chapter, within the framework of the TEI main DTD.

The first two sections of this chapter discuss these distinctions and list the specific tag sets included in each category. Section 3.

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DNA base editors comprise a catalytically disabled nuclease fused to a nucleobase deaminase enzyme and, in some cases, a DNA glycosylase inhibitor. Base editors directly convert one base or base pair into another, enabling the efficient installation of point mutations in non-dividing cells without generating excess undesired editing byproducts. In this Review, we summarize base editing strategies to generate specific and precise point mutations in genomic DNA and RNA, highlight recent developments that expand the scope, specificity, precision, and in vivo delivery of base editors, and discuss limitations and future directions of base editing for research and therapeutic applications.

The ability to precisely and efficiently edit DNA sequences within the genome of living cells has been a major goal of the life sciences since the first demonstration of restriction cloning 1. Recently, RNA-programmable CRISPR-associated Cas nucleases have contributed to the pursuit of this goal 2 — 4 through their ability to generate a double-stranded DNA break DSB at a precise target location in the genome of a wide variety of cells and organisms 5 — 8 reviewed extensively 9 — Catalytically inactivated Cas nucleases are also useful as programmable DNA-binding proteins that localize tethered proteins to target DNA loci 2 , 13 — Although HDR is a flexible tool with the ability to make precise insertions, deletions, or any point mutation of interest, HDR is largely restricted to the G2 and S phases of the cell cycle, limiting efficient HDR to actively dividing cells, and even in cultured cell lines HDR efficiency can be modest 22 — Thus, a majority of edited products will usually contain small insertions or deletions 24 , However, more reliable techniques that generate precise DNA or RNA modifications are necessary to make comparisons between alleles, study the effects of specific mutations within genes, or to treat genetic disease through gene correction.

Although sampling bias due to the extensive use of short-read sequencing to analyze genomic diversity is possible 26 , 27 , the largest class of known human pathogenic mutations, by far, is the point mutation also called single nucleotide polymorphism SNP Figure 1a 28 , Installing or reversing pathogenic SNPs efficiently and cleanly is thus of great interest for the study and treatment of genetic disorders, and requires a method to specifically change the sequence of an individual base pair within a vast genome.

As noted in the text, sampling bias due to the extensive use of short-read sequencing to analyze genomic diversity is possible. The percentage represented by each base pair change is noted on the pie chart; transition mutations are labeled in white and transversion mutations are labeled in black. DSBs created by nucleases such as Cas9 result in indels, translocations, and rearrangements 27 , 36 — 38 that are undesired byproducts when attempting to install a point mutation.


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